Icon Alloy - Alpha Wheels 17"
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Icon Alloy - Alpha Wheels 17"

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A potent blend of on-road looks and off-road capability, the ALPHA is aimed to increase both the form and function of your Jeep, truck, or SUV. Staying true to the ICON Alloys approach, the ALPHA has been engineered to maximize caliper clearance and optimize wheel position for un-hindered suspension travel and steering function. Backspace dimensions and wheel offset have been strategically developed to reduce scrub radius, improving all-around handling and ride quality and making a set of these wheels the perfect complement to an ICON Vehicle Dynamics suspension system.


  • Application-specific dimensions optimize vehicle dynamics and tire clearance
  • Reduced unsprung weight and rotating mass improves on and off-road vehicle performance
  • Aluminum alloy construction provides strength properties that are well suited for off-road use




1217856350GMALPHA17 x 8.5GUN METAL6 x 1355"6mm87.1mm2500 LBS
1217856350MBALPHA17 x 8.5SAT BLK/MACH6 x 1355"6mm87.1mm2500 LBS
1217856350SBALPHA17 x 8.5SAT BLACK6 x 1355"6mm87.1mm2500 LBS
1217856350TTALPHA17 x 8.5TITANIUM MATTE6 x 1355"6mm87.1mm2500 LBS
1217856350BRALPHA17 x 8.5BRONZE MATTE6 x 1355"6mm87.1mm2500 LBS
1217857347GMALPHA17 x 8.5GUN METAL5 x 5"4.75"0mm71.5mm2500 LBS
1217857347MBALPHA17 x 8.5SAT BLK/MACH5 x 5"4.75"0mm71.5mm2500 LBS
1217857347SBALPHA17 x 8.5SAT BLACK5 x 5"4.75"0mm71.5mm2500 LBS
1217857347TTALPHA17 x 8.5TITANIUM MATTE5 x 5"4.75"0mm71.5mm2500 LBS
1217857347BRALPHA17 x 8.5BRONZE MATTE5 x 5"4.75"0mm71.5mm2500 LBS
1217858347GMALPHA17 x 8.5GUN METAL6 x 5.5"4.75"0mm106.1mm2500 LBS
1217858347MBALPHA17 x 8.5SAT BLK/MACH6 x 5.5"4.75"0mm106.1mm2500 LBS
1217858347SBALPHA17 x 8.5SAT BLACK6 x 5.5"4.75"0mm106.1mm2500 LBS
1217858347TTALPHA17 x 8.5TITANIUM MATTE6 x 5.5"4.75"0mm106.1mm2500 LBS
1217858347BRALPHA17 x 8.5BRONZE MATTE6 x 5.5"4.75"0mm106.1mm2500 LBS

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